Trend Alert: Texture


Texture makes a wardrobe this holiday season! Coming from stores like Forever 21, Talbots, American Eagle, Aeropostale, and dELiA*s, texture is flattering on most body types.

Texture includes sequins, velour, pattern, and lace, which are all very popular this winter. To wear texture, be sure you keep it to a minimum of one piece per ensemble. For example, if you’re wearing sequin top, stick to plain denim on bottom. If you mix and match too much texture, you could be a total eyesore.

To bump up your “it” factor, make your texture metallic. Bronze sequins, rhinestones in your pattern, a hint of sparkle in your lace, all can add an extra oomph to your outfit.

So have fun with texture this holiday season, and remember: You can never have too much sparkle!


Trend Alert: Jewel Tones


Jewel tones are the hottest colors this winter season, making their debut at Aeropostale, Talbots, H&M, and Forever 21, as well as dELiA*s.

What exactly are jewel tones? These colors are dark and bold, and make any complexion pop. Think plum, evergreen, deep fuschia, teal, black, and brown. Add sparkle, and jewel tones really shine!

But how to wear? Pair jewel tones with jeans, or even other jewel tones! Just don’t pair with brights-plum and orange, for example, are really not the best combo.

Trend Alert: Seafoam Green


Winter’s hottest color? Seafoam green. This pale hue is a mix between aqua and lime, and it’s pale enough for public or private occasions.

In winter, the dull sky and bright snow don’t always have to get you down. Instead of neon, choose this color to boost your look with a subtle hint.

Forever 21 is selling lots of this yummy color, mainly in soft sweatshirts. But other places, like dEliA*s, are catching on fast.

Pair this seemingly lonely shade with some charcoal for a casual look, or go bold with navy accents. Try to stay away from other brighter colors (like orange and red) to avoid looking like a fashion disaster. Yellow works, but no neons allowed. This color works best with either deep or otherwise less shocking hues.

Look for minty colors everywhere this winter, and add some seafoam to your next ensemble.

Trend Alert: Cozy


Ready to bundle up this winter? With soft sweatshirts and fluffy shoes, winter is all about bundling up with a warm drink.

Forever 21 has cozy sweatshirts that double as cute tops, and of course UGGs are popping up everywhere. Aeropostale is selling cute sweats too, and American Eagle is selling sparkly knits. Everything comes in soft fabrics this winter, and the colors are simply to die for. Navy and seafoam green? I’ll take them all!

Sweaters, sweatshirts, boots, skinny jeans. If you’re not comfy this winter, then you’re missing out!

Trend Alert: Houndstooth


Houndstooth is everywhere this season!

Vera Bradley has introduced a new pattern with a background of grey houndstooth. J.C. Penney stores are carrying houndstooth dresses and pants. Messenger bags are coming in houndstooth. Headbands are coming in houndstooth. Shoes are coming in houndstooth. Houndstooth has completely take over the fashion industry!

Mainly in black and white, houndstooth is a kind of ragged check that looks great on all shapes. It flatters all bodies, and can instantly add height to or slim down a figure. It never goes out of style, so you’ll never have to kick it out of your closet, and it never fails to add that chic touch. Classy yet cute, this pattern goes with any color and any accessory. Its versatility and sophistication is perfect for any occasion, so be sure to add houndstooth to your wardrobe straight away!

Books Discontinued


So sorry everybody!

I haven’t been able to read any literature lately, so I figured it was time to lay the literature part of My Life In Green and Pink to rest. For those of you who would still like to follow this blog, I’ll post Fashionista Destinations (which may also end soon), Trend Alerts, and hopefully some more new series.

Yes, this also means that the Poetry Page has been discontinued, although I think we all knew where that would end up anyway.

So again, I’m very sorry about this matter, and hope that you all can forgive me. Until then, happy reading!